How can I get there?

You can book a flight to Kittilä airport which is ca. 60km from the cabin. Alternatively, you can take the train to Kolari (60km) or drive by yourself. There’s also an option of flying to Rovaniemi and driving north from there (210km).

Do I need to rent a car?

In Lapland distances are long and public transport is rare. In practice you always need a car to get around. You can rent cars through major agencies in Kittilä or Kolari. 

HOW IS DRIVING LIKE during winter?

When renting a car consider renting a 4WD vehicle. Although all the major roads are always kept in good condition it is safer in Lapland roads and helps you get to and from our cabin easily. 2WD is ok as well if you feel comfortable driving during winter. Consult your rental agency for instructions on how to handle cars during winter.

Is it close to shops and restaurants?

The cabin is situated at a quiet location next to a lake a short car ride away from the villages. The village of Äkäslompolo is 25km away with all the services, including a grocery shop and many restaurants. If you are interested in a dinner at the cabin, you can ask our neighbour to cook you delicious traditional Finnish food (reindeer/salmon/veg).

Can I make food at the cabin?

The cabin has all the basic necessities for cooking, including a fridge and freezer, an electric stove and oven, blenders, knifes etc. The cabin also has salt & pepper and olive oil. The tap water comes from our own well and is extremely pure and drinkable.

Where are the nearest bars and clubs?

We designed to cabin for relaxation so if you seek quietness of Lapland this is your place. If you are more interested in going out we suggest looking for a place near Levi which is the party centre of the area.

How close are the ski resorts?

The cabin is situated right between the family oriented Ylläs (25 mins), nature lover's Pallas (30 mins) and more commercial Levi (40 mins).

Where can we do activities or excursions (huskies, snow mobiles, reindeer safaris, skiing, hikes)?

We can point you to the best activity providers in the area, depending on your needs. Check the activity page for more information.

Can I see the northern lights?

The northern lights are visible over the lake when the weather is clear. You can watch them through the large main window or catch them outside at the lake.

What activities can i do at the cabin?

We have two pairs of snow shoes and sledges. You can go to the nature directly from the cabin and if you want to go for a longer trip you can access plenty of skiing tracks nearby. The cabin is surrounded by forest and during winter you can also go skiing or for a walk on the lake ice. 

Does the cabin have a sauna?

We have a wood-heated sauna in the lower cabin. It's a truly original Finnish sauna experience where you can jump into the snow or lake after getting some steam. We will provide you with instructions how to heat it and you can also book our neighbour to heat it for you.

Is it cold in Lapland?

During winter the temperature can change between -5 and -30 C. We have some clothing like hats and gloves, but it's a good idea to bring your own winter clothes. Check the weather forecast before your trip to guide your packing.

How easy is the cabin to operate?

The cabin has all the necessities (electricity, heating, running water) all set up but it is self-serving so you will have to buy and make your food and maintain the cabin by yourself.

How do I heat the cabin?

The cabin is heated automatically by electric heaters and is comfortably warm. You can also use the fireplace for extra warmth.

Is there internet at the cabin?

We have a 4G wifi connection.

Where can I get pre-paid mobile?

You can buy prepaid mobile cards from R-kiosks in Kittilä, Kolari or other villages.

Do you provide towels and bed sheets?

Yes we do. Please reuse towels whenever possible to avoid excess laundry.

Is the cabin suitable for small children?

The beds are situated slightly higher than normal, at around 50cm, to fit storage boxes underneath and there is a mezzanine accessible only by ladders. Outside, the terraces are lifted a bit higher than normal level. Other than that and keeping your kids warm outside everything should be ok.

Which months should i visit lapland?

Here's how the seasons go:
Nov-Feb are the darkest months, which makes it perfect for viewing the northern lights. 
Mar-Apr there is a lot of light (sunrise at 6am, sunset at 21pm) and still plenty of snow. 
May-Aug is summer time during which the sun doesn't set at all.
Sept-Oct is the fall season with incredible colours in the trees and ground.

When should I book?

To make sure you can get the best dates it is a good idea to book 3-6 months before your trip. The busiest times are Dec-March.