Welcome to Villa Sivakka

You will enjoy quietness, world’s cleanest air, nightless nights (summer), northern lights (winter) and probably plenty of reindeer. Let us know when and how you will arrive so we can make sure everything is in order. 

Here are a few tips for booking activities:

  • Ylläs keeps an active listing for activities in the area.

  • Our neighbor’s company Harriniva offers also plenty of interesting things like husky or snowmobile rides, off-grid walks etc.. They also rent skiis and other winter activity gear.

  • You also find husky safari and some other activities at Hotel Äkäskero.

  • As for off the beaten track activities, I would recommend sending an email to Pallaksen Pöllöt. They organise skiing related activities (site only in Finnish, but should speak English well).

  • Here are some tips if you're interested in spotting the northern lights.

  • Check this guide for our favourite spots in the area.

Ecological living

When staying at Villa Sivakka we are aiming to minimise our impacts on the nature. This is why we ask our guests to take in regard following guidelines during the stay:

  • Use electricity sparingly. It comes from northern hydropower.

  • Minimise laundry by using only one towel per visitor.

  • Separate glass and metal and place them into the recycling box next to the main door. At the moment we don't have bio recycling, but we are working on it.

  • Use firewood very sparingly. They produce microparticles in the air and require cars for transport. We provide you with a set of wood in the main cabin and at the sauna. Additional wood is 20e per blue Ikea bag from the shed. Please leave the payment in the black box in the book shelf. Don’t take any wood from the pile outside the shed. It’s there to dry for the next year and it can fall if touched. Let us know if wood in the shed is running low.

  • The main fireplace heats up so you can close the hatches after all the fire has gone out (see instructions below). This way you shouldn't need to have a fire on all the time.


The coordinates for the cabin are 67°47’14’ N 24°5’33’ E and the address is Äkäslompolontie 874.

When arriving keep an eye for the small white cabin sign with the address numbers (874) on it. Coming from the south the cabin is on your right-hand side and from the north on the left. Our neighbour has a red cabin, if you arrive at their yard take the next road ab 30 meters south.

The key can be found in a small black box three meters right from the main entrance. You will receive the keycode through Airbnb. Let us know if you haven't received it by now. Please don't share the code with anyone else.

When opening the door, turn the key clockwise and give the door a gentle push inwards.

If you are driving during winter time a 4W vehicle responds best to the snowy and icy conditions. There is gravel and tire socks in the barn if your car gets stuck on the roadway. In case you need towing you can call Falck at 0300 44700 (the municipality is Muonio).


You might want to buy some food to bring you before coming to the cabin. If you arrive from Kittilä or Rovaniemi you can buy food from in Levi. If you are coming from Kolari, the best place is Jounin Kauppa at Äkäslompolo. If you’re coming from the north, you can buy food at Muonio.

The cabin has  all the basic necessities for food making. The water from the tap is extremely pure and drinkable.

You can also order our neighbour to cook traditional Finnish food for you such as reindeer stew or salmon soup for 25 euro / person. Ask us for details.

Setting up

Now that you are in you will find a master key at the table which you can use and put the first one back in the key box for safe keeping.

Turn on the fridge by plugging it in the socket next to it (if it isn't on). There are instruction manuals for the appliances in the blue file if you need them. Feel free to use any of the food stuff you find at the cabin. If the temperature ourside is below -15 we recommend to plug your car to the electricity pole outside (the key is on the windowsill at the foyer). Consult your car rental agency if you don't know how to do this.

The wifi password is 12345678.

Feel free to use the dish washer and washing machine. Make sure that their water intake is on by checking the small lever next to the faucet.

There is a vinyl player and a set of records. Most of them are brought by visitors. If you feel that there is a record that would fit the mood of the cabin feel free to bring it with you and leave for others to listen.

Heating the fireplace

Having a small flame in the fireplace brings a nice mood to the cabin. First, pull the main chimney hatch on the chimney on the top of the fireplace. After that pull out the ignition lever on the left side. After this you can light the fire. Once the fire gets going, push the ignition lever back in so the hot air starts circling through the fireplace. Never leave the ignition lever pulled out when there is a big fire in the fireplace since it can damage the chimney.

Within the next hour the fireplace should start to feel comfortably warm. After that you can chuck in a big piece that burns for a long time. Please use wood sparingly. We stock up during summer and try to make it through winter with what we have. You can pick up more wood from the shed.

Important: Don't close the main chimney hatch if there is any fire or red ash in the fireplace.


Our sauna differs from normal saunas in that there are two separate stoves. The one for heating the sauna room is accessed through the cabin behind the fireplace. In addition, there is a stove for heating the water inside the sauna. You will need to heat both of them for your sauna session. It is very important you follow the instructions closely. We made a short video that explains the process that we recommend you to watch as well. If you're unsure about heating a sauna, our neighbour can heat the sauna for you for a 30e fee. Just let us know which night you would like to have it.

  1. Turn on the lights on in the sauna using the switch right side of the cabin door.

  2. Carry cold water from the well into the sauna using the small buckets. At the well, turn the metal lever to get the electric pump going.

  3. First fill the white bucket with cold water.

  4. Then fill the water boiler next to the sauna entrance. This water will heat boiling hot and you can mix it with cold water using the lever at the bottom of the boiler.

  5. Once you have poured water into the boiler you can start a fire in the stove. Circa 30-45 minutes will be enough to heat the whole boiler full of water. Note: There needs to be water inside the boiler whenever there is a fire in the boiler stove. Heating the boiler without water might damage the stove.

  6. Next up is heating the stove from within the cabin. You can start a fire in the stove with kindling and once it gets going fill it with wood (no need to open any chimney hatch). Refill it every 20-30 minutes for about 1-1,5 hours. Keep an eye that the fire doesn't spread outside the stove. 

  7. Once the temperature is 60-80 degrees you can go in. It's ok to put more wood to the oven during bathing if the sauna doesn't feel hot enough.

  8. You can bath gender mixed or separate, with or without swim suits. I like to take the first heat just relaxing and heating yourself up. Once you break a sweat you can cool off for a while outside. During the next heat I start to carefully throw water on the rocks. This heats the sauna temporarily, it’s called “löyly” in Finnish. After the second round I usually jump in the lake (during summer) or snow (during winter). Repeat this cycle until you start to feel relaxed. For washing up mix the hot and cold water in a bucket and pour it using the ladle. Here are a few good tips for enjoying sauna.

  9. The last one makes sure that the sauna is clean, hangs all the cloths to dry and dries the floor. It is important that you don’t leave any water in the water boiler or any buckets during winter since it will be frozen and might break the containers. You can empty the waters in the drain. Finally, turn the sauna light off.


Make sure the cabin looks like when you arrived. You can leave the sheets and towels, we’ll do the laundry. Close the chimney hatch, unplug the fridge and make sure there are no lights left on. You can empty the trash in the green container up on the cabin road, next to the main road. We also collect glass and steel in the box outside next to the kitchen door.

Make sure the other set is in the black box and leave your key on the table. Lock both doors of the new cabin. 

Take a few cards to share with people you think could like to stay here in the future. You can like our facebook and instagram pages. If you post  pictures to instagram you can tag #villasivakka. And last, but not least, please write your story in the guest book.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay!

If you run into any trouble you can call or whatsapp Eeva-Liisa at +358 45 650 5130 or Juha at +358 41 466 0309.